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How do I wire a halogen lamp (work lamp) to a pressure switch or light switch for a stage light box? Answered

Ok so I have looked everywhere I can think to find out how to wire my halogen work lamps to a light switch so I can turn them off and on for a stage light box like this http://mynamesdirt.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-build-stage-light-box.html but with a light switch instead of a pressure switch


You use vents on the box and the lights don't stay on permanently the heating isn't the issue I know how to make the box I don't know the electrical. Several bands have used these on tour with no problems. We are not a 90's rock band ellipsoidals are pretty lame, besides this is for floor stage lighting clearly you didn't check the link. Thanks for commenting an answer that had nothing to do with what I was asking. -_____-

So use a light switch - I'd be worried about how the heck you deal with all the heat from a permanently switched on halogen light, in a closed box. You're heading for a fire.



Don't try it with a halogen light! There is a reason they make stage lights... look into some ellipsoidals, or maybe even some par-nels.