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How do I wire up an arduino, keypad, display to a stepper motor? Answered

I know the basics of how stepper motors work and I'm learning about arduino boards work. How do I connect an arduino board, number pad, and digital display to control distance a nema 23 motor travels on a geared rack? I would like to be able to enter a number on the keypad, such as 12.5, have it show up on the display and then rotate the stepper the appropriate number of steps to equal 12.5". I would assume it would require some sort of calibrate function. I'd also like to be able to use metric as an option. I want to buy some parts to get started, but there is so many different types of boards, keypads and displays, I don't know where to begin.



You can use Arduino to control a stepper motor Nema 23


Really Really try to start simple with a few LEDS and switches. When you can get them going then your in a position to look at more complex things.

The time spent will repay your 1000's of times over

As you learn and research then much of the information you seek will come to you.

LEDS - Switches.


Break down the project into its simplest problems:
how to get input from a keypad
how to output to a stepper - does the stepper need a 'zero' position to start? (switch or optical sensor)
how to output to a screen

They are individually quite simple problems, and each has examples out there :)

You ALSO need a "stepper motor shield"
But like Rick says, START SIMPLE !!