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How do I wrap a handle with wire under tension? Answered

I am joining two tool handles and I want the wire under 50 - 100 pounds of tension so the handles won't wobble. I will then use JB Weld over the wire to hold it in place. I will be forming a handle over that to make it comfortable to use. If you have a good handle making idea that would help too.


Is JB Weld going to hold a smooth wire under that tension? It's only as strong as aluminum, and DOES separate from smooth surfaces. You might want to test or add some kind of mechanical holding to it.

A metal lathe used to be the tool for winding wire into springs or coils for motors. A similar arrangement could be jury-rigged. A "headstock" into which the blade of the tool is clamped, such that it can rotate on its axis. Wire is fastened to the tool handle, and the rest of the wire has a 100 lb weight attached to it, arranged so that the weight can be slid on the wire. Turn the spindle of the headstock to wind some of the wire, slide the weight down the wire, wind more, etc.

I think an old edition of South Bend's "How to Run a Lathe" is online.  Leaf through it to see if it has pictures of a winding setup.  Good luck!

PS:  Leather strips might make a more comfortable handle.  Or parachute cord, or thin braided (not twisted) rope.

This is closer to what I thought of. I was brain storming a method where the handle would sit in a cradle and I would attach the wire with a weight hanging from it. To turn it I would use two wrenches...

Anchor one end then wind as tightly as you can and anchor the other end. Now drive some thing metal wedges between the wire and the tool. Better yet just weld the tools together and cover with a handle material.