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How do I write a resume without any job experience? Answered

I have a slew of jobs to apply for on my school campus, but they're all requiring a resume and cover letter. But, I don't have any job experience! Ugh! For the past year I've been mercilessly attacking every retail outlet and restaurant with my job apps that even I can't keep up (slight exageration). But only 2 fruitless interviews came of it. So what the hell do you do when you have to write a resume when you really have nothing to put on it?


I added my drafts of my cover letter and resume above. I'd appreciate any critiques any one has to offer :) Btw.. everybody was really helpful with this!

Thanks guys!! Everybody was really helpful.. already made lots of headway! :)

If you really felt like it you could post your resume as an attachment for feedback. L

Have you ever done any babysitting?

Chores at home? Mowed the lawn? Pulled weeds?

Helped out at school, volunteered in some fashion, extracurricular activities?

You really do have job experience, if you think about it - you just haven't been paid for it before, and if you've done any or all of the above, they've great to put on a resume - even if none of those things seems pertinent to the job you're applying for, they show that you know how to work hard and take initiative, something appreciated by any employer.

Oh! Dido!!

Baby Sitting = Managing your own, child minding service.

General chores = Developed life experience in manual essentials, furthering knowledge on practical accounts in functional situations.

...and if you haven't done any of those things, get out there and do them.

If you need experience, get experience.

Agreed. Don't lie or present a non-job as if it were a job. However volunteer work as well as yardwork, babysitting etc., show that you're not lazy, and that you are able to work with others. In my work, sometimes I prefer an individual with NO experience over one with irrelevant experience, (and definitely over a know-it-all). A long history of crappy little McJobs show (some) people that you aim low and aren't able to really stick to any one thing. JUst be honest, accentuate your positives (and whatever experience you do have), and let them know you'll be WILLING to work.