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How do a hook up a Duck/Turkey Call to a Blow-Off Valve of my turboed car? Answered

I would love to find out. Mainly to test to see how well my blow off valve is actually working. All I know is that you use PVC pipe.


. Most duck calls use a vibrating reed(s). Search for "duck call" +DIY
. Keep in mind that you will be dealing with high-temperature gasses at high pressure - be careful.
. Where does the waste-gate normally dump to? There may be some type of muffler on it . Removing the muffler should tell you when the valve is operating. Be careful where the hot gasses exhaust.

Well the BOV and the wastegate are two totally different things, I don't think the compressed air coming out of the BOV is really hot or not. It's usually connected to a pipe that runs off your intake manifold. The thing that makes the "PSSTT" noise when you shift. I did however, search up on how to do it, doing what you said. I found some info on how to hook it up, and tried it.. I think my BOV is faulty.

Can you post a picture of the valve / wastegate? I don't think it's quite as easy as it may first seem. An alternative would be to fit a different pressure relief valve in addition, but you probably shouldn't be drilling holes in the thing... L

Find the blowoff valve, attach some rubber hose if possible, (might need to be sneaky) Rubber hose because it won't damage anything, and is removable. Attach other end to duck call.