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How do i actually make money on ebay? Answered

People are talking about it. I'm getting the idea there is some kind of site you join? (drop-shippers?) How are you doing it?




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OK, the kind of site he's talking about is a place like a warehouse that houses the merchandise.  You get a list of what merchandise is at the warehouse and you list it on eBay.  When people buy an item from you, the seller tells the warehouse whom to ship to and their address.  The warehouse ships it to the winning bidder and the seller pays the shipping fees and the actual cost of the item, keeping the profit.

The problem with stuff like that is that lots of people are already doing the exact thing from the exact same or similar places.  What you get is the market flooded with identical items.  Have you ever seen several power sellers selling the same thing in dutch auctions or with Buy-It-Now options on a 10 day auction or in their stores?  The only difference is in the price.

So, you can join up on these sites (most likely for a fee) and spend all day undercutting the competition (or matching them) and you might not even break even.  Because you will still have to pay fee for listing the items whether they sell or not.  If you list 1000 items and only sell 2 or 3, you'll get creamed by the charges.

Of course, it might work out for you if you have the time to spend on it.

Yes, it's here:
You make money selling things by auction for more than you paid for 'em.


"selling things by auction for more than you paid for 'em." ... which doesn't happen unless you can get these things for less than most folks can, or find an exceptional bargain, or are an expert and can recognize when something is underpriced.

Selling things you actually make -- or selling things that you have but no longer want -- is more common. That doesn't "make money" in most cases, but it recovers money.

People do, it is a matter of knowing what to buy though. A friend of mine just quit his job to go full-time on his business - he's spent some time (years) learning his stuff.


You join ebay.  You have to have a credit card to join.  They charge you 25 cents to list an item for auction.  People bid on you item it can last 3 days to 25 days your choice.  At the end of the auction who ever has bid the highest gets to pay you money for your item and you send it to them.  Ebay charges you an amount based on the selling price.  It's approx 5-8%.  You can find out on ebay before you join.

If you have something you are willing to sell it's a great way to make some money.  You don't have to meet the people, it's an auction etc.

But there are ways make a bad deal.  If it doesn't bid as high as you want you still have to sell.  There are crappy people sometimes who buy.

This is just a thumbnail sketch of ebay.  You should go there an see what's going on before you make a decision.

Lots of people don't like ebay but I love ebay.  I made a lot of money selling my old hobby stuff that I would have just put away in a closet.  I've bought a lot of good hobby stuff that I got a good deal on.

Good luck and check before you leap.