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How do i add a project to this group? Answered

Just a bit new and posted my first instructable. But no idea how to get the published Instrucable to this group.


First you join the group/s that you wish to have your Instructable in. When viewing your Instructable, you will see the box where the groups the Instructable is in is listed. Click on "add to group" and a list of the groups you are in will open. Click on the group you wish to add it to. Repeat for more groups.

I am not getting the "add to group" link... Is there a problem with the site?

Dunno, I have the same trouble. Try to message ewilhelm, the guy in charge.

click on your instructable and go to side bar and click add instructable to group

for people still searching like me :) the "add group" is on the right side of the screen, and scroll down, it is in a gray box writting GROUP under INFO and STATS. Did I hear a "AHHH" ?

when I try to add mine it gives me this error "ERROR 500: Could not execute JDBC batch update" with a bunch of crap underneath of it....HELP!

It's a new bug! It's doing it to me too. We'll have it fixed ASAP.

Thanks! It seems to be resolved, at least for me.