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How do i build a model of eschers waterfall or is there somewhere where i can buy it? Answered

I have found a model of eschers waterfall on "think geek" but i appears to have sold out. does anyone know where to buy a new/used model of it? under £60 pounds would be perfect!!!!!!


Have I found a site for you: Escher for Real. (Sorry I can't do links I don't know how.) has some great plans etc.


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I recently found a Pop-Up book of Escher drawings and this adds another dimmension, because, not only are there the original illusions but the maker has managed to make complex pop-up's as well. Amazing.

The POP-UP book of M. C. ESCHER

i3dpple: Please look at this Able.
Perpetual Motion Machine by Guokrdiy in Living: Art.This is exactly what you were looking for, it's quite intriguing and will suit your needs i'm sure. Good luck. craftyv.

There are card kits available - google is your friend.

Intriguing, but Google isn't my friend today. What did you use as search terms ? "Escher's waterfall model" "Escher model" etc didn't come up with any card models.


The model is an optical illusion and only works from a single point of view. Look close and you can see that the cross channels are broken

Escher's drawings are a false perspective and impossible in real life. You would be just as well off with a print of the drawing

Have a look at the "how to draw Escher" sites and it becomes quite clear how it's done. I didn't know there were models of them but they sound great. I hope you find one. Would be a great talking point. I love all things Escher but you'll be surprised how many people havn't seen them/ How bizarre.