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How do i build a simple brainwave reader? Answered

I only want to spend about 20-30 dollars. And i want it to go together in about 1-9 hours.



dont know if you still looking for an EEG ( brain wave monitor ) but check here ->


If you want simple, try searching for a design for one of the circuits that detects very specific frequencies -- alpha or theta were popular a few decades ago, if I remember correctly. That price range might be possible, especially if you can find an op-amp based design rather than the old discrete-components circuits.

Do you know what frequencies I am looking for?

Depends on what you're trying to measure... and no, I don't remember offhand, but if you search for "alpha wave" or "theta wave" you should be able to find that information. Plans for these used to be very widely available as relaxation aids or simply as weird electronic projects. Actually, depending on what you're doing, you may also want to investigate skin galvanometers. Not a "brainwave reader", but fairly effective as a toy lie-detector or relaxation monitor.