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How do i build a solar netbook charger? Answered

How do i build a solar netbook charger?


it depends on the voltage and amps. if its a 9-12v netbook you will not need a charge regulator if you want to do it a better way you could remove the battery out of the netbook or keep the battery full. that way the netbook will use less power. i would advise useing a 15 watt panel and a 10-20 AH battery. any 13-21v power supplys will need a regulator. it also depends on how much your going to use it you might need a 50w solar panel. Reply if you need more info Thanks daniel

That's a difficult work. :)

At most basic, you need solar panels, and a dc regulator to output the power you need for your netbook's internal charging circuit.

Ex: Your netbook takes 12-18 volts input - we'll say 18vDC. at a few amps - say...2

You need 18v x 2a = 36 watts worth of solar panels to directly drive the charger at its specific requirements. Voltage is crucial, it might accept any or all amperage up to a certain level you provide.

Alternately, you could make a solar battery pack, (panel plus charge controller plus 12v batter(ies) (plenty out there) - then power a 110v inverter with the battery pack, then plug in your netbook charger. Much more clunky, but ... ready all the time - you can constantly charge with a smaller panel, then use the stored energy from the battery when you need it.