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How do i build my acting resume up if i have no way to get to New York or Los Angelas anytime soon? Answered

Hello, I am an aspiring actress and I live very far from any prestigious acting schools, and the job prospects for actors are slim to none around this podunk little town. All of the extra jobs I could do like community theater or school plays are mainly musical, although I love music, I'm not that great at singing or playing some of the instruments to want to make a career out of it. I'm really interested in acting for films though, making people feel something is the reward for doing something like this and it feels so great and I love it so much that doing it for a living would really make me happy! I was just wondering, how do I build my acting resume up if I have no way to get to New York or Los Angelas any time soon?



Head to your local community centre or YMCA/YWCA and check the bulletin boards. Theatre groups and hobbyists will post there. Even if they're just having a social gathering like a film night... go check it out and meet some people. If there's a university nearby that has an arts program, go there. Check the community college for acting classes. It may also be helpful to take up other activities. A few martial arts classes or dancing classes come to mind, but almost any interesting skill can be useful on your portfolio. When I was in a film club (a decade ago), we gave someone a leading role in a project because she was the only one who had experience with pottery and the character was supposed to make a vase during a scene. The internet opens up a lot of opportunities. Do some monologues, or get a few friends and do some skits. Almost any name-brand digital camera should give you at least basic video capabilities. Best of luck!

Thank you all so much for your replies, at first I thought most people would look at my question and say "Yep, there goes another wannabe famous hollywood actress" however, becoming famous is not what I'm about. Making friends and motivating others to get out and do things they love is my incentive. And your reply really helped me explore other options in hoaning my skills, besides making drastic and money consuming cross-country moves. I appreciate all of your help and when I do become a well-known actress, I'll come straight to you and Thank you for getting me started. All the best to everyone!

Glad to be of assistance, and I'm sure the others who replied feel the same way. Don't hesitate to ask another question. You can even PM me if you need me to clear up anything I say or just want a few more thoughts.

Acting classes at the local community college are pretty good as well. Nothing says serious like "I took a year of acting classes." At least that's what I'm doing. ;)

Can you do some monologues and post videos on the internet? It counts as acting, you'd get feedback and have some kind of portfolio. L

That's a bit tough - but take every opportunity you can get - a bigger repertoire looks good in an experience sense. Acting school never hurt - but that would involve moving. Perhaps organize your own shows? you can produce and act in your own smaller productions. And Welcome to instructibles!!!