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How do i build one of those new light up skateboards? Answered

mmk so i've been seeing these skateboard with LED lights around the bottom rim of the deck and i know for a fact that it would cost less than what they charge to make one. anyone have any ideas?


i have been wondering the same thing, i thought about carving into the edge of the board and puting the wire in and then the led lights then the power sorce.... i still need to thing about it some more, another way is drilling like half way holes in the bottom, what ever diesighn u want, and then attatch the wireing to the leds and put it in the holes and the end of the wire will got o the same place then power sorce (i gess a power converter like the guy above me said)and cover in acrylic so u can do tricks withought breaking the lights i will make an instructable.


9 years ago

hi,There ae two ways i would look into doing this, 1)i would reccomend using EL wire, ( electroluminecent wire) its pretty cheap by the foot, probably around $6 total, u will also need to buy a battery powered converter. 2) go to www.goldmine-elec.com and look up their selection of LEDs, it is very nice and a large selection i must say, , they also have LED flashlights and lenses and diffractors so you can us a flashlight and make it bright too. i hope this helps a ton, i always buy from electronic goldmine. Good Luck Zach Kurth!