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How do i cancel my account on this website? Answered

I want to remove all data regarding my account from this site...cant see anywhere which gives me this option. My name SallyFuerteventura and profile pic is still visable even though i have modified all my other personal info.



Best Answer 5 years ago

Send email to "service {at} instructables.com". A Staff member will respond to it within a day.

You go to "YOU" (top right corner) and then YOU again and the click on the icon SETTINGS (a clog) and at the right side a box named "unredeemed memberships" where you'll see you membership status and a button "More Memberships". Click on this button and you'll open a page with your membership plan and the option to cancel the auto-renewal. Cheers

Can I ask why?

(And why you appear to have joined the site aged 8?)

I was trying to remove allmy personal information as i do not wish it to be public info anymore. Tried erasing all it, but some fields still required info. I just clicked on any number.
Have sent an email as advised above so hopefully it will be cancelled soon.

Some of the fields are required because the site needs to show that it is following legally-required procedures (eg checking you are over 13), but it does not have to be made public.

You can get away with the public only being able to see your username, gender (which can be "robot"), and join-date.


Send $10 to

Not a lot to identify you from the picture - However Email the staff and make your request. - see bottom of the page.