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How do i change a 18v 1.5A DC cordless drill battery to AC? (in other words, how do i change dc to ac ?) Answered

I need a high voltage power supply to power a tesla coil from a battery, and i need ac not dc, so if i can change my battery to ac then i can run it through transformers to get HV AC power to run my tesla coil.


did you ever figure this out? Pulsed dc should work for this application, the mechanical vibrator.

Does any of you know a source for an inverter that takes 18V input?

Buy an inverter and run it through that.

that wont work because a regular inverter uses a car battery with 25A.
i want a circuit i can build preferably very low cost and simple.
all i want is to change my 12 volts dc into 12 volts ac

....So a 100W inverter needs 25 A ? In which universe ?

You SAID  i can run it through transformers to get HV AC power to run my tesla coil.

Which kind of implies you want to have a, well, 110V output, since 12V AC isn't HV in this universe.

An inverter will supply the load it's connected to, until it hits the limit of its rating, the smallest inverter I know of is a 100W one,

i want my 12dc battery to power my ac tesla coil.
in order to do this, i just need to convert it to 12ac.
then i can run it through a flyback or a regular stepup transformer to get my HV AC out.

A long time ago when tubes ruled the electronics world they needed a/c for a lot of thing since they worked on high power.  Cars and airplanes ran on 6,12, 28 volts which is not really in the highpower range for tubes to work.

Someone came up with a "vibrator power supply" which would take the low voltage d/c and chop it up creating power that would work in a transformer, since a transformer works by taking the impulse and collapse of the power to transform it into something else.  Read HV.

Read this.

Basically what it is is a coil that attracts a springy piece of metal that has connections that break the power to the coil and also turn the power on and off to the transformer.  It's kind of a buzzer.  I made one for a Kirlian photograph project I did in the late 60's.

I have actually tried this before. What I did was buy a small power inverter (350 Watts) and ran the output from that into my HV transformer. It seemed to work, but I had battery problems. However, the other problem I encountered was the output of the inverter was at 50-60 Hz. I would recommend a much higher frequency if you want to power a tesla coil. You might want to try using an NST (neon sign transformer) hooked up to the inverter, but then you will probably need more than one of those batteries to get it to work. Anyway, Best of Luck and post if it worked!