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How do i connect a 12v solar set up with a 24v wind turbine set up?I have controllers for each.Cheers? Answered


How are your batteries set up?

Does the wind turbine output 24 volts to the batteries?

Have you contacted the mfg. of the controllers to find out if they have a solution that they prefer?

I have a 12v battery bank 2x 220ah batteries for the solar and a 24v battery bank 8x truck batteries for the wind turbine.
I want to integrate it into 1 system.
Does not help if i contact the mfg because each system is working fine.
Any ideas?

I don't know how to do this.  Since you're using 12 and 24 volt batteries I don't know how you can use the 12 v. system to charge the 24 v. batteries.  You may be able to use diodes to set up 12 volt charging on the 12 v. batteries only, and also have them in paired series set up to charge on the 24 v. system.  I'm sure that if it can be done then someone will have a way. 

It would be much simpler if they were both the same voltage.

The reason I mentioned contacting the mfg. was to see if they had any way to adapt what you have to the other voltage.