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How do i connect old speakers to mobile? Answered

 Ok, so I have a very old speaker surround system (JVC MX-60). It plays only Cassets and cds which we dont use nowadays.However the speakers are huge. The clarity and sound is good enough to listen to heavy metal music.
I want to connect these speakers to my mobile. But the thing is, i dont know how to .
Now I am a complete noob when it comes to electronics. Based on my knowledge I need to connect these speakers to an amplifier . To do that i need to know the wattage. And I dont Know how to find out. I was going through the main unit(which is destroyed) and it mentioned that the speaker impedance is 6 ohms. Wattage is product of voltage and current. How do I find that? Multimeter perhaps?

here is a few things that I want to mention
-The speakers have two wires(black and red). Nothing is mentioned on the speakers regarding its power. voltage etC.
- I dont have the manual. The device must be older than me.
- i have uploaded the pics of the back side of the main unit



3 years ago

If you send a picture of the speaker I would be able to help you more, but it should be written on the speaker


3 years ago

You should be able to connect a cable to the phono/aux video ports.

This should do.



3 years ago

If it plays cassetts than you can still get so called adapter tapes.
The dirt chep ones only have short tape in it that runs in a loop (avoid!!), the normal ones a transducer that converts the audio signal directly to the tape head.
They take a standard audio input from these headphone style connectors.
This way you keep the speakers to the matched amp and can use all the features.
Something simple like this for example:


If you want to go fancy you get also get BT audio receiver to cennect to the fake tape and stream your musik without a cable:



Only minimal skills required to wire them together, either with suitable adapters or by soldering.