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How do i convert 12vdc 16A to 12vdc 5A using resistor ? Answered

I want to convert the 16A current into 5A how can i do it


What are you trying to do ? If the load wants 12V at 5A, then unless its LEDs, it will take what it wants UP to 5A, there is no need to "limit" the current.

im making small drawing plotter using dvd stepper motors but the motors get too hot I think i have to use some heatsinks

How do you know the motors want 5A ? I suspect they may want 5A. but they will have a very low on resistance.

I kind'of understand Your dilemma. You worry about that 16A to burn something in Your 5A device? Don't worry, just put a 5A fuse there to protect Your device in a case of an "owerload" in Your device,(short, misleaded power-rail, bad ground etc...).

By understanding how Ohms law works.
In your case you would not be converting but limiting the current - with a voltage on the said resistor.
Would need half a house brick in size and I simply guess it won't work for your purpose.
Without any vital infos I also fail to see the point in this...


8 months ago

The laws of electrical nature will do it for you !

I surmise, you have a device rated 12vdc at 5A and you are concerned because the supply could deliver 16Amps and that can scare the non-EE beginner..

Do not worry, Because the device will only use the what current it needs and NOT the 16A that's what's available for other kinds_of_devices..

Yeah.. thanks for the help