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How do i convince my parents to let me go into pyrotechnics as a hobbie? Answered

My mother won't let me make fireworks or anything. So i can't buy fuses and i have to make all my fireworks from household materials so my mom won't get suspicious, she'd never let me play with fire. Any suggestions on convincing her to let me become a pyrophysist?


 Wearing safety equipment is a must. But convince them that you are actually doing something cool with pyrotechnics, not just sitting in the driveway with matches and gasoline. i was able to do pyrotechnics by showing an interest in chemistry. I made thermite and diagramed the equation. 

Listen, it looks like everything has already been said here, but I'll say it again. Wear proper safety equipment (VERY imporatant, it looks like you know what you're doing with that stuff on) and learn some basic chemistry of fireworks and tell them what each firework is before you set it off. Numbers are very impressive.

make an extremely long list of rules you will always follow.

Just start small, record everything in a scientific format including reports and eventually she will be convinced that you are serious.  The same exact thing happened with me but now my parents are somewhat interested and definately tolerant.

Also it is very important you use the appropriate safety gear, not only does it protect you from accidents it makes you look more responsible.

I was in pyrotecnics once. the same thing happened to me. after making a bomb sort of thing and shooting it at the ground and it blowing up my mom heard the explosion and i was out of my career! lol i didnt mind though. any way, the answer to your question, i would inform your parents that you are using good safety equipment such as safety goggles and gloves. if all else fails i would just quit it. Belive me, the risk is not worth the reward!

i am in arizona, where any types of bought fireworks are illegal unless you have a license. you're lucky you can use fireworks.


9 years ago

Sorry to interrupt your hockey conversation. I find when my parents are uneasy, I find a expert. If you can find a professional pyrotechnician in your area, ask if you can meet up with him. Maybe he can show you some cool stuff. Your "mum" will know your with an expert. He certainly knows what he's doing and knows how to be safe. When I got into robotics, I found a college robotics club. I was only in middle school, but they let me participate. That year I learned to weld and much more. Now everyone in that club is one of my great friends. Usually, adults like kids that are eager to learn something they can teach you.

Well at the bottom it's all about canada and hockey and all that northern stuff.

Try to convince her you know your stuff. Make a powerpoint or spreadsheet with loads of info on it and show her how much you know.

lol, i should try that. with a bunch of random numbers so it looks sophisticated...

Yeah, but not random numbers, cos if she asks you a question about them and their just random numbers... Put some table and charts in like mesh sizes and lift charge weights compared to break charge weights etc. Put loads of compositions in aswell, and learn all about loads of chemicals and what they do - oxidiser, fuel etc.

While realizing that this is an entirely dead question, I thought some people might want to know about this.

There IS in fact a Summer Explosives Camp (at least there was a year or two ago) run by the University of Missouri. It's funded by the mining and demolition industries that pull a lot of engineering grads from UM-Rolla. If you're really, really interested, that might be something to look into. Having a university back the program lends a certain air of legitimacy that parent's will appreciate.

Alright, just double checked, and the program is still up and running. Information can be found at http://mining.mst.edu/explosives/index.html


9 years ago

just DON'T ask when and if they say something you say "you never said no..."

So do it covert. Just because your mom says no, does not mean you shouldn't.


9 years ago

yes. i agree with mikeasaurus. but you see.. safety is very important. and in some country its illegal. furthermore, playing with those chemical is not safe if you do not know what are the properties of some chemicals. as me.. i used to make this sort of firecracker, something explode loud and dangerous.(its my hobby) see mine instructables. https://www.instructables.com/id/homemade_improvised_firecracker/?ALLSTEPS

also.. before i do the experiments, i search for the chemicals information in the internet. learning some info of physics and chemistry. that way you know what to do, improve and what do not do. do a little experiment so you believe on what are you theorize and read.

but to convince your parent is maybe a little hard. you know. a caring mom do not wanna see her son/daughter get injured or anything that hurts. as for me. i just do what i want as long as you know what are you really doing and keep it from your mom/dad radar. but the best is.. you should listened to your mom. they know what the best. but still, you can show her your interest in this fireworks things field. i sometimes got scolded by my mom because i am making my own firecracker. and the loud bang will make the people around mad at you. the best things to do.. just find somewhere safe to test your 'things' in other word. somewhere far from your house.

have a nice day. safety first.

in simple terms,you cant, I tried

Well there's a reason that your mother doesn't want you playing with explosives, it's because kids (and i use that term very loosely) usualy don't have the same experiences and judgement as adults (and I use that term pretty loosely as well).

I know where you're coming from, you want to jump right in there and start mixing stuff and seeing what works and what doesn't. The problem with this is that you will lack the understanding of exactly why these things are happening, and the worst case scenario is that you learn your lessons from blasting off fingers and missing eyebrows (now do you see what your mother is worried about?)

If it's something you're interested in then your best bet is to take classes in the subject, like physics and chemistry, these will give you a solid foundation in the how and why. I know it's the boring and sensible route, but really there's nothing you are going to say to your mum that will make her see otherwise, she's looking out for your safety, it's ingrained in her mind, it's how mum's are programmed, so your best bet is education and demonstrating to her that you know your stuff. That kind of skill is something that is earned through sitting in boring classes and gaining knowledge to keep yourself safe (so she can stop worrying)

Really though, you're going to keep doing what you are doing, your best bet is to be safe and keep out of her radar until you've gained the skills to put her worries at ease. Good luck!

I've been into pyro technics since i was 10, i have a pretty good idea of the workings. i have been overly safe buy she doesnt trust me. i have been learning fire saftey since i was 8 in scouts, so i think i know i about that. By the way, what country are you from?

Well until you're of the age of majority (19-21 depending on where you're from) you're going to have to play by the rules, and your mum is the referee, sorry that's just the way the cookie crumbles. I didn't like it very much either, but be smart and safe until you reach that age and you're free to make your own choices in life, that includes what you do for a hobby, as well as all the implications that come with it.

To give you some perspective: I am an avid motorbike enthusiast, and love to ride my bike all the time, my folks hate it. I mean hate it! I never could have one when i was growing up, but I reached that age where I left home and had to make those choices for myself. I wasn't happy about it then (and sometimes wish i was riding sooner than I did), but I have respect for the caution they observing on my behalf. They are not too impressed even now, but they understand that I am making an informed decision and now they respect me, but it's only because I played by their rules. Their house, their rules. My house, my rules. See where I'm going here?

This may seem silly and maybe even obvious, but it doesn't matter how much experience you think you have and how good you think you are, the fact is that you are not an expert yet, even if you know lots about it already. You'll have to trust me when I say that there are factors at play that you might not see yet. But like I said before, be smart about it, realize your current situation, and stay out of your mum's radar. Really she's just making sure you stay safe and keep all your fingers so when you do reach that age when you know exactly what you want to be you're in the best possible position to capitalize and be that person you want to be.

And to answer your other question, I'm from Canada

i tottally agree with you. thank you for your help. Canada, eh? you a hockey fan? i noticed you said mum, so i was thiking great britan, but canada is cool too.

It's leftover from having British parents. I'm a hockey fan as far as highlights go, and getting hammered and watching a game all the way through. And just for the record, Canada destroys Great Britain in every single area, so it's much more than cool.. it's Canadian!

i love hockey. i grew up in the UP of michigain. what teams (if any) do you folllow? canada is pretty cool. and it sure is a heck of alot closer to america, eh?