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How do i do a scaled down version of a car body in fibreglass, like full size down to 4-5 foot? Answered

I want to make scaled down version of clasic cars to put onto a go-kart frame 5-10 hp motor looking the same as the road version?


Using the maths!

seriously though if you can get the dimension of a single, visible, part on the car you can scale the rest of the parts just using photographs. This is how amateurs remake movie prop cars, like the batmobile, without any data. Something as simple as knowing the wheel diameter can yield the dimensions for the rest of the car. It would be much less time consuming to find someone that had already modeled the body and scale that.

You will need to mas a pattern (a positive) of the body - usually in wood - to form the fiberglass round. Ideally you would make a mold ( a negative) but this is very difficult for the amateur. Often they go the route of making a positive pattern and then using this to make a negative fiberglass mold for making the copies.

For a one off this is costly and labor intensive BUT for several may be cost effective as the pattern can be used again.

As for scaling it - You need either a full size drawing, full sized dimensions so you can scale them and re draw OR you need a full size drawing in a CAD package that can then scale the dimensions to what you need them to be.