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How do i do it? RC Cooler Answered

I'm building a RC cooler with a PVC frame to "Make my mark" at the science field trip next year in 8th grade. I need a circuit I plan to use 2 motors, like a tank, to turn. Right wheels speed up and it turns left. viceversa. If anyone can help me... (same model cooler in pic)


Do you have a remote control system for R/C cars to control the usual servos for speed and steering or this is a "tethered" remote control with a long cable from controller box to car? It might be easier to gut out a smaller R/C car and chassis and supersize it with beefier motors. You would not have to reengineer the steering linkage and powertrain. Good luck.

an r/c car would not provide enough power, especially since the cooler might be loaded.


Great instructable. I am starting a similar project and am using some parts for RC Tanks that I picked up as spares. It's a really inexpensive way of doing this... Thank you for sharing this project!


9 years ago

if your science fair is an invention, then this has been done

I build robots, both underwater and aboveground. my latest project was a joystick controlled robot chair. i would recommend using a control board like the phidgets and some of their PWM motor controllers. This will provide speed control also.

The downside is for this thing to be powerful enough, you will need some large motors, and car size batteries. You will also need to know how to program. In addition, this will most likely not end up being a cheap project.

If you were to go with an R/C car retrofit, then you will only be able to move like two sodacans... and judging from the size of the cooler, im guessing that you want something larger.