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How do i dredge sand from a boat slip? Answered

I'm looking to dredge a slip myself. The slip is in Tampa Bay. It has plenty of water during normal tides but not at a strong low tide. Looking to keep my 17ft. safely moored.



7 years ago

Take a 12V 1,000 gph bilge pump .. hang over the side ..
the discharge end fix a PVC pipe with PVC cap glued.. [acts as wand] ..
small hole in cap .. and blow out what you need from under the boat ...
You can probably get away with some kind of car wash wand also

if you can get a large air compressor and a decent bore hose, blow air into the hose at the bottom, it will siphon/venturi pump liquid from the bottom to the other end of the hose - place the other end...somewhere you're allowed to...and get a scuba diver to dredge the bottom.

Here is what my dad used to do in Queens when he had his boat, they would tie up the boat with every rope, then full throttle the boat for about a minute. it does work, but can mess up the engine/propeller.

Do you have to check with the waterway authorities even before you do it? That may be tampering with protected waterways and they probably want to know where the displaced material is going to end up. Good luck.