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How do i enable aero in windows 7 RTM? Answered

I just got Windows 7 RTM(legally) installed, activated, genuine, and all that.(Coming from the Release canidate) But only one thing is wrong, The aero, No Aero what-so-ever, I am stuck with this windows basic theme. I tried everything, From registry hacks to trying to enable it in the control panel, nothing works. Any ideas? Thanks ~ReCreate


Ok what i did is i hacked my graphics card driver to allow aero to run...thanks for nothing nobody >_>

What's the windows experience rating on graphics?

2.0(my actual specs are 2.0 GHz processor and 92 MB of Video RAM(and 1GB of RAM))

not sufficient video quality. You couldn't run it...it seems.

There should be a way to force it...