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How do i fix this plumbing issue? Answered

My shower throws off very little hot water. The cold water is almost shut off when I shower. I had a new hot water heater installed. The water is hot everywhere it should be except in the shower. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am obviously plumbing challenged.


do you know the make? Most shower valves will have a temperature re-stricter behind the handle, intended to restrict the temperature for kids, this might be set wrong. If you remove the handle you should be able to see it. If you give me the model then i'd be able to help more.


9 years ago

Some newer single handle shower controls have an automatic gizmo (equalizer) to stop scalding when somebody flushes a toilet. Yours could be defective. Alternately, if yours is an older, two knob dealie, you can check the washers inside the shutoffs, one or both may be loose and not opening all the way. Tighten the screws. (not too tight) Check the shower head for grit. A new water heater might have sent some crap up the pipes and filled the holes in it, or may even be blocking up the innards of the shower body.

Further to what NachoMahma states. There may be a block in the line, but that would likely also mean a loss of flow, which you haven't mentioned. I would suggest that the problem would be the mixing valve (the junction directly behind where the single knob is located inside the shower where you pull to turn on and rotate to hot or cold). The problem could simply be that it requires adjusting so when you turn the knob it engages more hot than cold. The way you describe the setup though it sounds like there's a separate knob for hot and cold. If this is the case then there's a problem behind your shower where the hot water meets the pipe for the shower. I'd feel more comfortable commenting further if there was a picture you could include.

Is there anything in this question that helps?

Are you using an exclusive hot water feed, or is there some cold mixed in too?
(I'm inclined to agree with NachoMahma on this one)


lets see u have a complacated problem well did u hire a plummer to fix it if u did then u need a new bathtube my freind same thing happend to me

. Sounds to me as if you have either an obstruction in your hot water line to the shower or the mixing valve is not working properly.