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How do i get money really fast? Answered

i am a young aged girl ( around 8-10 not saying) and i am trying to save up a little more then a thousand dollars, why so much you ask? Because after i buy my laptop i want, i want pocket money too, like to buy me other stuff ( iPod stuff etc,) and you are probably thinking " WHY DOES SHE NEED A THOUSAND DOLLARS? IS SHE BUYING A STORE?!" Its because i want a Apple mac book air, so anything? i need it at least by winter ( cause of the sales, black Friday, etc) and i already have a $100 saved up, ( please something not to hard, like yard work or pet walking, etc.) Thanks!


You don't need a laptop of your own for another 3-8+ years, depending on your age (which I suspect is more than 8 or 10), so put your money in an account that makes a little interest. Something like a CD. Apple products rarely go on sale, even on Black Friday.

It sounds like you already know what you need to do. Also don't blow som much money on a laptop like the air. If you insist on having something like that just get a ASUS transformer tablet with the detachable keyboard. Half the price all the functionality plus some.

Couldn't agree more. Also, don't people need to be 13 to be on this site?

People do have to be 13 but a lot of people fake their age.

Yep, but I suspect this person is much older. There are 20+ year olds on here that don't write this clearly (not that there aren't issues but at least its legible).

Considering she said she was between 8 and 10, I'm guessing she's too young. I agree that many people (myself included) do not right clearly enough. I guess we skipped the English composition class in college. ;)

No guys I need something easy like lemonade not yard work y parents won't let me

Sounds you know what you need to do. If lemonade is what you need to do then FILDI. Your parents are willing to let you blow $1000+ on a MacBook but you can't do yard work?

In all seriousness there is no easy way to make money. If there was then almost no one would have jobs. Fun fact: The average amount of money a bank robber gets away with is $4000. You would have to rob 13 banks a year just to make it to the most current median household income in the US. You have to either learn to live without or be willing to work hard. Personally with a mac book on the line I say learning to do without is the best choice, even if you make the money.

Phhh, I'm 15 and i don't even have an ipod.

16 and i have no phone no laptop no notin no money

I am 63 and don't have any apply products! It's not life threatening.

Rules to make money:

1. Don't spent it. this sounds stupid but it the first step

2. Seek and do all any any small jobs in your area get a reputation for being a willing worker and good at what you do.

3. Run something on the side that needs little attention - a web page that runs google ads, a blog, some kind of online selling operation, buy "junk" and sell on Ebay. This earns money with little ongoing effort on your part & allows you to work evenings making money.

3. Research and open an savings account to maximise your money, this should pay interest, get to be friends with your local bank!

4. Save regularly. $5 a day is $1680 a year - and lets face it $5 isn't much for an hours work.

5. Keep this habit up and start young

This guy http://marshallbrain.com/million.htm

is smart, a multi millionaire and knows what he is talking about read his lecture to students.

well if you are an interesting person write a blog and dont buy any apple products they cost five times more than they are worth and have terrible compatibility, if you like the apple software just buy that and put it on your own hardware, while your writing a blog go read up on laptops and all the different brands, lots of different brands have way better stuff for half the price cause you are not paying for the name, and the compatability is nice.

a couple blog tips post everyday always write at least two long paragraphs, 4-10 sentences, and be interesting and funny dont write about your friend johnny, my blog is not a bad example yurspot.blogspot.com i just dont ever post enough, and if you eally are 8-10 you have a good command of english for your age as i can tell from your little help ad. if you do start a blog pm me and i can help you get it up and running and get some traffic to your site, but good luck, and this is not a fast way to get money and use blogspot, although your parents will have to sign up for you on the google adsense

....and use decent spelling and punctuation.
...Invest in a keyboard with a working shift key and you're all set.

Oh, Asked so many times try a search


The best way is an old-fashioned method we call "working your butt off" Its often very successful.