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How do i get my parents to give me my xbox back? Answered

I tryed rasieng my grades and beeing more mature how else can i deal with it?



pretend you dont care about it and wait a while

it works once i had mine taken away for a year


4 months ago

And got Xbox 360 from Dads friend & he did not say my parents have full control. Heck, he gave me WWE and Red Dead Redemption.

My mom took my xbox away because of my grades but then i brung them up but she still wont let me play and i told her what if i want to be a YouTuber someday? what am i going to use for gaming a crayon, If i have one !!!!!!!

i have YT. Capture card needed 4 xbox.

i have an xbox one that i bought and my mom wants to sell it, what should i do?

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I am a xbox gamer I raised the money for my xbox 360 250 gb black slim model myself. Technically my parents can't ground or take it away from me or try to erase my friends or anything because. One I bought it Two My property Three password locked my 'baby' and Four Lock and Key to my game room.

Ask your parents, otherwise you're just guessing. Also once you do get it back you have to keep doing those things.

As an x-box gamer, you could write a list of 50 reasons you like the games and entertainment it provides. But how many could you write down on another page of reasons the x-box is a BAD influence on you? Try writing those 2 lists. Ask your parents if there are any other examples you left out. Look at the list and think about those things and what you want to do with your life and how will videogames help you on that path? Finally, i would like to tell you a short story of my mother who is very old about 85 years old and a very kind hearted Christian woman. One day she went to visit a friend who had a small child in another room playing videogames. As my mother walked past the youngsters room she saw the videoscreen mayhem. Lifelike murderous killing and destruction... and small children saying things like... KILL HIM... KILL THAT ONE!! etc etc. My mother broke down crying at what she witnessed. As a small child, you only see the "fun" side of the games. You should listen to your parents wisdom and think about their opinion of this.

Try working on your spelling?

It really depends on why they took it away from you. If you're unsure, then you should ask! and also ask what changes they expect to see from you before you get it back. You may think you are improving (and maybe you are), but in order for your parents to agree, they may want to see something from school.

Your other option is to negotiate... maturely. You can ask for an hour of Xbox if you can show all your homework is done. If they say yes, then only take 1 hour! If their biggest complaint is your behavior, then ask for an hour of Xbox if you don't behave in the way they complain about for a whole day.

I think improving your spelling and grammar could help, for the following reason:  

Teachers are impressed by clear language, and part of that is correct spelling and grammar.  Impressing your teachers could help you get better grades, and that's one of your goals.  

Regarding maturity, I am simply going to remind you that this toy you refer to as your Xbox, it is not really yours. I am guessing your parents bought it for you.  In any case, if  they can take it away from you, then it is truly their Xbox, not yours. 

You say you tried to achieve these two goals of better grades and maturity.   My best guess is that you must try harder.

Why did they take it off you ?

Lizzyastro and I periodically.take the Xbox of our sons, and usually for

Don't spend all your freetime on the thing. Don't talk about games all the time.. parents really don't give monkey's, with the possible exception of Halo 4.