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How do i get my prizes if i win anything? Answered


I just got my t-shirt, stickers, etc. in the mail today. I got the same little foam robot and the plastic one. Does anyone have an idea of what the foam one is meant to be?

I got a shirt and two stickers. Isn't there like a pro membership with it?

Hello thread necromancer! :P

Yes, the pro membership will be given to you via a private message on Instructables. You can redeem it in your account settings. It takes a while to receive the message, but if it takes an unreasonably long amount of time, send an email to service@instructables.com and they can fix it up for you!

Good luck!

It's a three-month membership for being featured. You get one-year memberships from winning contests or completing other community achievements.

I dunno. At first I thought that it was the head to the plastic figure but the hole in the foam runs through the arms of the foam so it would be mounted sideways. I am trying to figure out if the plastic figure has a shrunken head or if that is a peg to mount the head. I don't think they were 3-d printer or lasercut samples.

When I first looked at it I thought it was an eraser. Then the foam and the hole in it confused me. Possibly it's just a little random thing that signifies your awesomeness for winning.


7 years ago

Can i still win if im not from the us?

Yes when you go to the contest page you can see on the bottom if its written international entries are eligible then yes you can enter the contest and win prizes!

Hi i want to ask how is the international shipping process?

You will see that you are a winner when the topic is posted after the judging. A private message(PM) through the instructables PM system will show up in your profile inbox. You can then claim your prize by going to a link that asks you to fill out the name and shipping address info. A prize pack(t-shirt,cloth patch, stickers,PRO membership info) comes by priority mail(USA) and the prize will be shipped separately from a vendor. Good luck in winning but you have to put up an instructable first to be in the running.

Out of curiosity, what did you get in the Instructables prize pack? I want to see if it differs from what I got.

Congrats on your win for the sofa suit slideshow. Usually in a prize pack they have a T-shirt, two or three paper Instructables stickers, and a fabric Robot patch.

Now with the prize pack I just got, I also got two things as shown in the attached image.  I do not know what to make of them but it looks like they have the babies stuffing the envelopes at Instructables HQ again.  It looks like some fragments from a Happy Meal with characters I do not recognize.

Anyway, I thought a one-year PRO membership was usually part of the prize deal, although it is not listed on the contest rules, and one time they included the printed code to redeem the membership but may have not included it this time.  I will PM scoochmaroo to see if there was supposed to be a PRO membership included and if they forgot to Private Message out the codes for it.  The non-instructables part of the prize would be sent separately from the contest sponsors.


How interesting. I also received the Instructables T-Shirt, as well as the stickers and patch. My toy robot was also orange, and I got a similar foam robot too, except my design varied a bit. I don't think a one-year Pro membership is included, but it does coincide with something that I was wondering about. When my sofa costume Instructable was featured, I got the 3-month Pro membership, but I did not enter the code yet as I would rather do that over the summer break when I have more time. However, I was on my page and realized I had the Pro badge next to my name. So it's either a glitch or I did get another Pro membership.

Hmmm, check on your you profile page, there should be a PRO membership tab. You can see the end date of your PROness. If it is good for a year, you're in luck. Instructables is still refining this gift membership thing but nothing that can't be cleared up in time.

How interesting. I never noticed that tab before. It says I have a one-year membership (given by StumpChunkman) as well as an unredeemed 3-month membership. So, I do believe the one-year membership comes in the prize pack.

P.S. My prize came in the mail today~! :D

You should have provided mailing information when you registered for the site. If not, you'll be contacted and ask to provide that information. Or did you think the Staff could tap into the broadcasting chip the CIA embedded in your brain?

Robot may be old and sometimes flips a bit, like Nachomahma. Robot does ask you for a Swiss bank account every time you win.