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How do i get rotted meat smell out of a freezer? Answered


Clean the smell (as many have said), And cover it up with a different smell, A good one

So what are you suggesting for a good smell that covers rotten meat and does not wear off too quickly?

I don't know, There are many options below...

And, Does the ozone generator you mentioned "rip" the smell molecules apart? I know that O3 pretty much dissolves plastic in to air

Ozone is a radical of oxygen, O3 to be precise.
As it is very reactive is is used as a bleech, for killing harmful things like bacteria and fungus but also to treat water.
The levels you can get from over the counter and small sized generators is not able to destroy any plastics unless you keep them exposed for weeks.
However, any organic or anorganic material that is volitile in terms of releasing stuff will be affected and oxidised.
But to get to levels that dissolve stuff you basically need a pure O3 atmosphere, which is quite hard as ozone breaks down quite fast if it can attack something.

I work a lot with ozone to get rid of smells from painting, oil, petrol and even stinky clothes after a long night in the pub.
You just need to be aware of the harmful things to your lungs and eyes when working with it and use common sense.
I always say: If you can smell the ozone it is time to leave and let fresh air in!
And trust me, even faint levels of ozone can be noticed once you know how it smells.

If you really want to get rid of the smell for good:
Do a good clean out with bleach.
Once satisfied place a little ozone generator in the fridge (available at good aquarium shops or Ebay), let it run over night and then air the fridge out - you want your windows already open and leave the house for 15-30 minutes to avoide breathing in the ozone.
After that there should be no smell at all left in the fridge.
Used this method after I came home from a holiday to find the main fuse the power outlets was dead and freezer and fridge already alive judging by the smell...

?? I have kept things in the freezer for YEARS and never had a problem with smell.


1. You need to empty and clean the freezer with bleach

2. Leave a dish with bicarbonate of soda in it in the freezer for as long as possible or until the smell goes.

3. DON't allow the freezer to defrost.

You can't, at least it is cheaper to replace the freezer ten get the smell out.

My father had an appliance store and I worked in it as a TV repair man, I helped him in the appliance repairs. You can cut the smell down but it is impossible to get rid of.


2 years ago

As everyone suggests the cleaning liquids and absorptive powders work well where ever they reach the entrenched smell... But you must get it all !!

You have to go into the vent and heater to access the lingering aroma, use of a screwdriver will be required...

If the smell is still there, then wipe inside of fridge/freezer with equal parts vinegar and water. Leave the door open and allow to air out for several days. Stuff both the fridge/freezer with rolled newspapers and close the door and leave for several days, remove and clean with vinegar and water. Sprinkle fresh coffee grounds or baking soda in a container in the bottom of the freezer and fridge. Place a cotton swab soaked in vanilla in the refrigerator and freezer, close door for 24 hours, and check for odors.

Take out spoiled food, remove shelves, ice-trays, etc. And wash them with hot water and detergent. Rinse with a sanitizing solution of unscented liquid chlorine bleach per gallon of water. Including the door. Leave the door open for 15 minutes to allow air to circulate.

Bicarb, as Kiteman says. and put several open containers of the powder in there too, when its dried.

Wash the inside of the freezer with a strong solution of bicarbonate of soda. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies of the door seal as well.