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How do i increase the speed of an electric bike?(Motor in hub) Answered

I know you need to increase the power going into the motor. I don't understand exactly how?
I know that a different battery with higher voltage output should work, but is there any other way?
If so, how and what would I need? I trust that you guys can come up with something.

P.S I am aware of the potential danger of the motor if I increase too much.


If the bike has a 24V battery remove and place a 36V battery that would increase speed by about 20% and for a 50% increase change the motor to one which supports a higher wattage. Thats what i did with mine which went from 14 mph to 21mph. cool right

Usually there is a pair of grey wires coming out of the controller that have a matching plug-socket. If you undo the connection so it is not a loop your bike is likely to go about 50% faster.

Warning: This may make your bike illegal for road use, with potentially serious consequences if there is an accident.

Check that when you are going "flat out", that the motor terminal voltage is very close to battery volts - that's the fastest you can go, with that motor and that battery. Report the numbers, and we can tell you if there is any scope for improvement.


48V battery with a capacity of 10AH to 14AH. rated output is 350w-450w.
(Brushless motor by the way).
Information other than that I cannot provide as i do not have the necessary tools.
I'm guessing ill need to just find that battery with higher output.


You MIGHT burn the controller out, but you could try another 6V sealed lead acid.



6 years ago

Always go downhill with the wind at your back. Then you will pick up speed with no need for alterations.

Increasing the size of the power wires might help just a bit. Sometimes they are slightly undersized.

There may be a limiting resistor in the circuit somewhere but without looking I can't tell you where.

Adding more voltage is the usual way to increase dc motor speed, but you know the downside to that.