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How do i install windows programs to linux? Answered

How do i install windows programs to Linux mint? i have tryed to use "wine" but i just cant figure it out! the program

i want to install is Microsoft-Paint. i have tryed GNOME paint but it isn't as powerful as Mspaint and "Gimp image editor" in is just plan confusing. 

Also, i want to know how to make the UI of mint look i little more advanced than something similar to windows 98. i figured how to chang themes but I'm not crazy about any of them. can in download more themes? and, how to i flip between home-screens without draging a window/program around?


thanks, i tried mt-paint but its just too complicated.. and it looks like it has a limited colors (8-bit coloring system) i like it for certain things, but not most... i will try the kcolourpaint in a minute as it downloads.....

I have been successful in installing some Windows programs in Ubuntu. Make sure you have Wine installed, Q4Wine and PlayOnLinux. You may have to tweak some variables a little but that is going to be your homework.

Try OpenOffice Draw 3.0
Pinta, Krita. CinePaint,gnu paint , gpaint, F-spot,IrfranView,Nathive,MyPaint,GimPhoto,Fotowall,Helios Paint.Sodipodi.OpenPaint.There are lots more out therefor you to look at,as for desktop theme customization visit Webupd8 and OMG!Ubuntu(will work with Mint).


7 years ago

thanks for the kcolorpaint thing, though it seems a bit childish, it works!

Virtualbox with windows installed inside it should work. It won't work as well as the native OS due to reduced resources, but if you're really only interested in using paint it will work perfectly fine.

the thing is, that i completely lost windows in the process of installing Linux mint... how do i install windows in a virtual box, yet alone install windows for free?

Not all Windows programs will run under Wine. If yours doesn't, the other solutions are:

1) Install one of the Virtual Machine packages which run under Linux. Install a copy of Windows into that Virtual Machine. Start the virtual Windows machine, and install the Windows programs into it.


2) Set up the machine to dual-boot, so you can load Windows when you need to use Windows programs. To share files between the operating systems: Most Unixes can read (but not write) the Windows partition, or you can install exp3 drivers into Windows to give it full read/write access to the Linux partition. (exp3 is fully documented, so writing a Windows driver for it is straightforward. NTFS isn't fully documented, so writing a Linux driver for it is problematic and people tend to play safe by not risking writing to the NTFS filesystem.)


3) Find a Linux program that does what you need. There are many other paint programs for Linux besides Gnome Paint, you know, most of them free.

i looked, there are many, but seem to be copies of each other... i found tux-paint a million times listed over and over again


7 years ago

i would prefer my windows vista back (better yet windows 7 64 bit), but even after i partitioned it when installing windows, i lost windows somehow...

Have you tried just using the dozens of other graphics editors available for Linux?

yes, there not as simple/powerful as paint there more confusing

You are sure you can't get wine to work? If not you could try a different operating system, I made a flash drive with 10 different linux versions on it, and when one wouldn't work, I would try the other.