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How do i join 2 pieces of metal without welding? Answered

I am going to attach 2 metal tubes ( 1 aluminium and 1 steel) to eachother without welding, as i am only 15. how do i do this the best way? i need them to be very strong as they are forming a steering rod.


the aluminium used to be a handlebar to a bike. its pretty strong. thnx for the answer :D

Well there are all kinds of epoxies and other adhesives that will make the join for you, and you can always mechanically connect them with nuts and bolts. Of course neither solution will be strong enough for me to call it safe, and aluminum is a bit stubborn with adhesives and too soft for a mechanical joint. At the very least, ditch the aluminum and use two steel tubes + JB Weld + bolts... but a welded joint is going to be much stronger and I'll bet there's at least one person in your family who can do that for you.

uhm about that family thing... i only live with my mother, i dont know my father and the rest of my family lives in finland so no :P thanks for the answer btw :D


8 years ago

The best way would be to drill holes through each and run a bolt through them. If that's not possible then I guess you could try JB Weld....

Over lap the pieces a couple of inches if they slide together and bolt them together. If they are the same size then find a rod that fits inside them or a pipe that fits the outside and use two bolts in each tube thru the pipe. You could use a square tube or a piece of angle iron if need be.