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How do i know what kind of Graphics card i have? Answered



Best Answer 9 years ago

Google "Can you run it" and choose the first ( i think), then choose any game, it's come up with everything about your pc.

Or you could just open up your case, most often it has the model right on the card.

If you've got a Windows PC, open up the start menu and hit Run. Type 'dxdiag' into the box. It'll give you a whole bunch of statistics for your comp. There should be a tab marked "Video" or "Graphics", that should have it somewhere.

free download called belarc advisor will tell you every thing that is inside your computer from your mother board to your memory space both used an how much more space is available

Go grab a copy of GPU-z. It'll tell you what model graphics card you have, how much memory, which processing core, how many shaders, and a lot more.