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How do i make a Stirling cycle cooler? Answered

I would like to thank the following users for their help: Kiteman, The Skinnerz, steveastrouk, rickharris, Vyger, AndyGadget, iceng.
   I would like give a special thanks to "steveastrouk " for telling me to find old papers and work from the first cryocoolers.
   I also found out that these are relatively cheap (compared to the other cryocooler systems).
   What do i need on building this?
   Can everyone give me a help on this?
   Thank you :D


Do you have access to a very well equipped machine shop?

Do you have the skills to manufacture to a very close tolerance?

Do you have a budget to implement these things

If the answer to ALL these is YES

Look here

Otherwise the answer is you can't do it.

Hello guys.
Once again, thank you for the help. I didn't answer right away because i was waiting for other people's comments.
I have a +- Budget and a skill to manufacture this.
The problem is that i don't understand the concept of this.

You need a good machine shop - exactly what the old guys had.

Yes, they didn't had the technology but they were able to prove how things work.
A congratulations to them ;)

The objective os this Stirling cycle cooler is to turn oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen liquid