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How do i make a instructable a favorite? Answered

There is a button that says 'favorite' with a heart next to it, but it is not connected to anything.  It is just words! None of the buttons work for me, so i was wondering if there was another way.


I'm sorry you need to be pro to do this.

Try refreshing the page and click on add to favourites this should make the button work again.

Unfortunatly pressing the button will only reveal that you need to be a pro member to enjoy this benefit. ( a yellow square comes up and says "pro benefit you need to be a pro to add this to your favorites" )

So either win a contest or go pro to get this option :)

hope it helped,


Try refreshing the page.  I just tried one and it didn't work and when I refreshed the page it did work   YOu should only have to click on favorite for it to work.

.  May need to clear the browser's cache, also. YMMV.