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How do i make an anaglyphic animation? And draw an anyglyph? Answered


I soon wish to manually animate (framebyframe) a 3D animation which is to loop. I can already animate and draw in flash, but i dont know how to draw an anyglyph. through the loop i need some effects ti increase further, as an objects appears to be getting closer to the viewer.
Anyway, i have access to photoshop as well. but does anyone know how to draw in 3D in flash or photoshop? thanks


Have you tried typing "anyglyph" into Google yet?


"Anaglyph" would get better results...

the only results i get are for ways to convert sterioscopic photo pairs into anaglyphs.
I need to know how to actively animate in 3d., and i cant even find anything on how to draw!

I assume you're wanting to create an animated gif?

Any anaglyph is only a pair of over-lapping images split into red & green components and moved slightly apart.

The further they are apart (ie, the less over-lap there is), then the closer to the viewer the image will appear.

I would draw each frame of the animation in slightly transparent red first, then copy it all in slightly transparent green.

In a photo-shop type programme, lay the green images as a new layer over the red, and then move different parts different distances to the side, depending how close or distant you want the image to appear.

You then use your favoured animated-gif-creating software to create a loop of the images.

Caveat: this is all off the top of my head, I have never made an animated gif.  When you do make your animation, please make sure you keep track of what you do and write an Instructable for others to follow.

how would i go about keeping some aspect of colour in the anaglyph?
My animation will require some very distiguishable pinks and purples!
or is it ok to not use greyscaled images for the anaglyph?
or!, do i need to use a filter to make sure that no colour is shown under the red and blue?

But thanks for showing it to me, i until i knew the page name i never noticed it in google!

Maybe draw all the frames in colour, then use photoshop to split each image into an anaglyph?

i wish!
If i knew how to ide be doing it already,
To do that i think i would need sort of a double mask, and that would be difficult if not downright impossible.

Google spell-checked that for me or something, same result.