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How do i make more friends? Answered

Im pretty..odd. and i dont really have any friends. Any tips on getting more friends? i have a lot of female friends but id like more guy friends....



well talk about stuff both of u like and be nice to ppl u want to be friends with.
btw ill trade u my guy friends for more girls for friends, i hav plenty but more girls the better.

Get off the computer.

Go talk to real people.

Join clubs.  Attend functions.  Hold functions.  Chat to people.  Start conversations.

'Make' more friends? Cloning...? LOL

I support the things these people say but never forget the number 1 rule!

Always be yourself!

It can seem now that you are just to odd and that no-one will want to be friends with you but don't change yourself for that reason.

I myself am pretty odd, I start snowball fights with people I never met in train-stations. Sometimes they look like I'm crazy and walk away other times they join in and the fun can begin.

Still I have alot of friends. At first they are all like "that guy is just weird" but after a while they enjoy the humor I put into it and even participate in my mad antics although they never would have done that on there own.

So stay yourself, meet people with the same interests, be a good friend and you will find people that like you.

Oh and a good amount of "het let's just try it, if it doesn't work who cares?" helps alot. See a cute,fun looking girl/boy? Just go to talk to them. If they turn you down, who cares? You're never gonna see them again anyways. And if it works and they want to meet again alll the better!

If you don't try you can never win!


8 years ago

You know, I believe most of us think of ourselves as being a little odd. I know I've always felt that way.  As I got older, I began to realize that being a little odd is  good. One thing this world doesn't need is a population of cookie cutter, gingerbread people. So, from one oddball to another, here is Burf's guide to making friends and influencing people.

1. Get out to places where you can meet people with common interests. If you like chess, join a chess club. If you like sports, go to or participate in them, etc.
2. Be friendly and polite. You know, the Golden Rule thingy.
3. See the guy that always seems to be standing alone? Go over and say hi, Strike up a conversation with him.
4. Be approachable, if someone comes over and says hi to you, talk to him.
5. If you're a little shy, be bold. If you are aggressive, lighten up a little.
6. Remember, friends are like diamonds, its not the quantity, its the quality that counts.

And, just a note: you seem to be a pleasant, and interesting young man. I don't think you'll have much difficulty making new friends, if you try.

The simplest way to take good photographs is to take a lot of photographs and keep the ones you like. The simplest way to make friends is to meet a lot of people and keep the ones you like, and who like you.

Get involved in an activity. What do you like to do, or what would you like to learn more about? There are probably other people who like doing it and would be glad to have someone who's interested in learning and making themselves useful.

Oh, before I forget: The way to have more acquaintances actually turn into friends is to be a good friend yourself. Be helpful. Be supportive. Listen. Give them space when they want it; be there when that's what they need. And so on.