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How do i make my subwoofer enclosure look cooler? Answered

Hey fellow 'instuctors', i'm gonna be making another subwoofer enclosure soon, an i want to know how i can connect a few LED's, or Neons to the box, just to make it a little more unique. I know it's got something to do with wiring the LED/Neon's in series to the loom to the subwoofer itself. If anyone know's anything, or know any webpages i can visit, i would greatly appreciate the help.



8 years ago

I have been thinking about building an enclosure for my son's woofer using sound sensor blue-green-red cold cathode tubes inside the enclosure and a frosted acrylic plastic for the front panel, with a flat black, wrinkle paint finish on the rest of the exterior.
The hook-up should be a snap, the cold cathode tubes are simple 12v molex connectors and the thump of the bass would be more than enough to drive the sensors.
Google, "sound sensor blue-green-red cold cathode tubes," they're readily available for around 10-15 dollars.
If you build one, post it. I'd like to see how it looks in operation.