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How do i make one of these? how does it work? any Musicians out here? Answered

I saw this on youtube and I want to make it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Iq_ak1M5Eg

He MIGHT post a tutorial on this but i am curious on how it works.

Read my comment. My youtube username is:


any suggestion?


Ok. I knew that already. And i searched both the calliope and many things on how to make a pipe organ with no luck. I also was unsuccessful in making a "Flue Pipe" as posted on this website.

The flue pipe was my video. Send me a picture of what you ended up with -- I'll help you with it.

You could look up calliope, as I believe they used to be steam driven with the blast of air going through the pipes. The bic pen tubes are probably tuned to each note and the wooden clips are acting as the valves to stop and open for air.

. Looks like a miniature pipe organ to me.