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How do i make one of these wide hemp bracelets? Answered

ive been looking for a while and i cant seem to find how to make one of these, but i really want to know how to make one.. See the image for what im talking about.. its the biggest one


is a sailors knot bracelet..there is how to videos on youtube but its just braiding pretty much

It's pretty hard to see but I think it's a multi strand braid.

Looks like a Carrek(?) knot or Turk's head, or a braid where each 'strand' is made up of three strings side-by-side. Hard to tell from the pic. It could be that the thinner band is holding the thicker one together (like a serged seam binding).

They got instructables here that will get you started. If you need more info google it and you ll get more. You might have to experiment some though.