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How do i make the perfect mtg deck? Answered

Well i just got into mtg and i need help




6 years ago

find what mana you like best then choose cards that fit with yo mana type (you can have more than one mana type i use a rainbow deck)


7 years ago

There is no answer to this! theres no such thing as a "best deck. if someone beats all the other decks in the world with one deck, a deck can be built to beat that deck. thogh to make a GOOD deck that wins alot, i suggest getting the perfect balnce of Land, Creatures, and Spells thats all work together. I made a Purple (red-Blue) deck a while ago with nithing but spells. its got lots of things like lightning bolts, and then lots of blue spells to help me draw cards becasue the red cards go quickly. if ou can get just the right combo, then youve got a prety good deck :)


8 years ago

well you cant make the perfect deck for every situation, but you can build it to be good i a certain situation. Say im playing an agressive creature based deck with a life gain deck, to make a deck good in that situation I would have to have creature removal chump blockers and other things to hold off creatures so I can make my deck work.


9 years ago

There's no one set way to go about making the perfect deck since so many people have so many different strategies. Some do lots of large creatures, some rely on spells, others with hordes of small, expendable creatures that cost little or no mana.

Back when I played, I had a black zombie/skeleton/rat deck. I had lots of enchantments, 3 Bottomless Vaults to store mana, mostly all expendable 1/1 or 2/1 creatures and some other things that allowed me to put out 1/1 rat and skeleton tokens into play. So, how it would work is my enchantments would bring back all my creatures from the graveyard, while my other enchantments allowed no other enchantments to be played, effectively locking up the game so other players couldn't play anything except creatures and instants (and couldn't enchant creatures). Then I'd just keep churning out all expendable creatures and creature tokens and swarm the other players.

Cards that prohibit enchantments, ways to store loads of mana, and allow you to search your deck for certain cards = good