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How do i make this? (see link in description) Answered


I saw this on thinkgeek and want to know if theirs a home way to make it....



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you need a jar and a tiny cactus (from seed presumably)

the gel looks to be that gel that you can grow plants in, and it being sealed means you don't need to water it., although the nutrients must run out eventually...

"...if there's a way"

Compare the pet cactus you mention to the one on this page:

Reading this page you'll notice they mention peat moss, as the growing medium.  Also they refer to their tiny cactus as a Golden Barrel Cactus.

Going to this page:
and feeding "golden barrel" into their common-name search returns this:

Look at that!  These things will get big if they grow up!

Anyway, the tentative plan here is for you to get yourself some Echinocactus grusonii cactus seeds, like maybe the ones sold here:

Peat moss you can find any garden center type place.

The small container? Well, I'll leave that up to you.

Some appropriate combination of moisture, temperature, and light, will be required to get the seeds to germinate.  Hopefully the packet the seeds arrive in will have some advice on that.

Be sure to write an instructable if you produce any results worth sharing.

i do agree the cactus would probly grow larger than the container you build for it, BUT i do also figure that the size of a cactus is also in relation to the valume of its pot. My other thing is unless you live in a area like the north pole or in northern europe, you can find local cacti, my proof is i live in Eastern Washington where heavy snow fall is common every year and i still have found large patches of prickly pears and another cactus growing in the area. I know that prickly pears are larger than what your talking about but the point stands that there is no reason to buy what you can find.

Well then, you should pick some prickly pears, because that's where the seeds are. I think they produce fruit in the late summer or early fall, or at least that's my recollection of the prickly pear cacti that grow where I live. Not sure about other cactus species. Anyway, happy hunting! Or rather, happy gathering!

I'm going to vote that you fake it with colored epoxy resin and a small plastic plant - check around craft stores for ideas.  It'll last longer, and you won't have to worry about repotting.