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How do i mosaic an artwork I like onto a table top? Answered


I would...

  • Acquire mosaic materials (tiles, adhesive, grout etc)
  • Photocopy the art to the size of your tabletop.
  • Lay the photocopy on a board.
  • Lay the mosaic pieces onto the image, "colouring in" as you go, but not gluing down.
  • Starting at a corner, and working along the edge of the board, swap the pieces of mosaic from the board to the table, gluing as you go.
  • Grout, wipe, and otherwise finish the mosaic.

Thanks Kiteman - but as a complete mosaic novice, i would need you to please explain your step 5 in more detail. DO i have to just "copy" the design onto the table, when the board of the artwork is actually not on the table itself. Also, my table is round. Can you please explain what i have to do or if the same principles apply. Gosh i am very amateur! Do you think i should go on a basic course before i attempt a table top! Ha ha ha

I have never mosaiced (is that a word?) myself - just watched family members do it years ago. I think it really depends on the artwork - if it's big and bold blocks, like a Mondrian, you could draw the image directly onto the table - but I meant to lay the image on the board to give you somewhere to practice, to work out how to lay the pieces like a jigsaw, without having a piece of paper glued forever under the mosaic. And, yes, the same principles would apply to a round table.