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How do i open Command Promt with it blocked by a group policy? Answered

After looking over every single instructable i could find on this subject they basicly all pointed for the same ways to do it. They all either said to use a batch file or to open it by a hyper link through word. Now my school's TSTs are no dumbies, they really knew how to make a good group policy (atleas to the point of i cant figure it out, although it is probably something obviouse im just not seeing.) Here are the factors Batch files are blocked Run is disabled CMD.exe is disabled Task manager is Disabled so none of those methods work. However i do know it is possible to do it. I have seen it done, some one who works at the computer help desk with i open while still on a student account. According to the person who actually watched him do it he edited some kind of file in system 32 to open it (no not gpupdate or regedit) So if any of you can help me out here i would appreciate it, and to those who feel the need to say it i will put it out here right now. I frankly dont care if you "Think" i shouldent have it for a good reason. I have my reasons for it and for you Justice doers its not for gaining adminstration access or screwing the school network. However my true intentions are none of your concern anyway, but if you want to know them THAT badly, tell me a working method and ill talk.


find cmd.exe and create a copy - then rename to paint.exe or word.exe see if that will run...other than that - you shouldn't be doing things your admin doesnt want you to do.

then you are a boring person (: try embedding cmd into a different program or just use ebuddy.com , for most messenger services

I'm not boring! Just because i just got married :P sersly tho - I have to say dont do what your admin doesnt want you doing... I broke our school network regularly. Everyone should learn how - but just asking how to do it is no good.

I said "If I can think of or find anything I'll let you know" - at the moment I'm having trouble with my connection... I never asked you to do anything worse. L

I've had a bit of a root around and a think, but not come up with anything that I reckon would get past "my school's TSTs are no dumbies". Last chance effort is for you to post a
Forum topic

They stick around longer and get more attention (if they're not ignored, but a tech one like this should draw something?), "Answers" tend to be rather much of today, and then they're obsolete. If you do, post that you want a messaging system that is beyond the censorship of TSTs that are no dumbies.

Sorry I wasn't able to find anything, but I think you're on to a loser in real terms.


Yep i sure am a loser for wanting to get into CMD


9 years ago

Go to the C drive, then "system32" (no spaces) and search for "command.com" or "command" (minus the quotation marks of course), it should come up as an MS-DOS application. If you can't get into the system32 file, just search from the main C drive.

Ask a system administrator or forget it - you're not likely to get a better answer than those you've already looked at (esp if you're not prepared to say what you want to do). L

I dont understand why you people are so anal when it comes to telling others how to do something. Its not as if i am asking a way to kill the presedent. I want to use it as a messenger between me and my friends.

OK, maybe there's another form of messaging you can use. Give someone that information and they might say "you can use this". If I can think of or find anything I'll let you know - at the moment nothing yet.


Or you can just help me like i asked, listen, its alot easyer for me to use CMD than it is to gain a admin account and install a messenger program. your asking me to do worse things than what im trying to do in the first place