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How do i orgonise all my pictures in my album Answered

how do i organise all pictures in my album into groups.
i have some for one project and i have single pictures of other projects i have made.



Unfortunately tag editing and searching is very primitive. Its case sensitive, and you can't do proper searching within your tags.

You cannot organise your library images into folders.

Instead, you have to give them sensible tags when you upload them, so that you can later search your library by tag. I have well over 4000 images in my library, and it works for me.

that's a note for future uploading, will make life a much easier in the long run for sure.

You can also add tags to your images later on!

thanks for that, i think my best option is to remove all my picture, then re-upload them in tagged groups or project ???

No need to re-upload, you can add tags to your images later on, by which I mean you can do this when the images are already uploaded. Go to your image library right here: https://www.instructables.com/upload
Click on the 'your library' tab.
Click on an image to view it, and you'll see the option to add keywords (tags) to that image appear on the left.

Nice one thanks.
I have loads of things iv made over the years, but only just found this site and now my creative imagination has gone "over-drive"
sadly all my previous projects i only have finished pictures.

I want to use instructables to show single mum's that we can do anything if you need to with out spending loads of cash.

Thanks kiteman, your a gem :-)

1 more question....
before publishing a step by step project can you get it reviewed and get help or feedback for how you done, or how to improve it ??

Yes, definitely. When you're in the editor you can preview the instructable. If you send the link that shows up in the address bar while you're previewing it to someone else, they'll be able to see it. :)