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How do i power on my pda without a battery (power to the electricity lines)? Answered

Good day to all.
   About a few months ago, my pda got broken (and so as the battery) and i want to power it on to the electricity.

How do i do that?

Here are the pictures of the pda:=



pda pictures:=





If you want to know more details, ask me

I really want to power on this pda (it has been a long time since i worked with him and it was a very good pda)



Best Answer 6 years ago

Can't you just plug in the charger?

Hello good sir.
Thank you for replying to me.
I have looked all over my house in the last 30 minutes and i am unable to find it, but i could look more deeply.
It probably went to the garbage on the last month.

But i am still looking...

If you cannot find it, then generic chargers are quite easy to find online (ebay, etc)

And will i be able to use the charger to receive the electricity from the power lines? (Without battery?)

You can on most "smart" devices.

The worst that can happen is "nothing".

Wow, that is very cool.
But is my pda considered a "smart" device?

No idea.

Give it a try - it's already dead, things can't get any worse!

Once again, thank you for your reply.
But can i use a normal pda charger (from any type) to use the electricity from the power lines to turn on my pda (without battery)?