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How do i remove rim paint Answered

so i painted my rims black with duplicolor rim paint and i did a bad job and they look like poop.. is there a way to take the paint off?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Depending on what kind of finish was on your rims originally (were they plain aluminum or painted?) and what kind of shape they were in you might just be able to use a hotter thinner to take the duplicolor paint off... Its a spray can paint right? I would try a little laquer thinner on a rag and see if it takes the duplicolor off for you. Make sure you have good ventilation or wear a mask with organic cartridges so you dont get too much of a buzz! Stripper works well, but you might want to preserve the finish under the duplicolor you put on, and the stripper will bubble everything. Good luck :)

There is a product called "Aircraft remover". I bought some to get ride of some Cessna's and a couple of Lear jets in my back yard but it just stripped the paint off. I think Duplicolor or Krylon make a spray remover for enamel also. Or ask the local body shop to borrow a cup or two. If its an epoxy paint your in for a ton of blasting or torching or sanding or some horrible combination of all three. Just tell everybody its the new look in wheels! All your friends will want you to "Poop out" their rims!


9 years ago

Sandblast, Sodablast, Electrolysis, Sanding, Chemical Stripping, Burning, Licking (personal favorite).