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How do i run a spark plug with a ignition coil? i have tired a few circuits but they didn't work.? Answered


Something like THIS would do the job, but you'd also need a chunky diode across the coil to reduce the switching spikes.

I think there is a risk that the 2n3055 will be damaged unless you put a diode across the primary of the coil or across collector/emitter of the transistor.

I guess you didn't like the answer I gave you on this same question yesterday.

.  Aaacccckkkkk! The previous version of this question slipped by me. Didn't mean to step on your toes (or answer a duplicate question).

Not a problem.  I just wanted to make sure he/she looked at the other one also.

.  Connect ~9VDC to the primary side (the two terminals facing us in the pic) and run some sparkplug wire from the plug to the secondary connection (the round connector on the far side). Connect the sparkplug body to the metal flange on the bottom of the coil.
.  System will fire when power is disconnected on the primary side. It "charges" when the power is on.
.  If you use more than 9V, do not leave it powered up or it will overheat.
.  Google "automotive +ignition +schematic" for more info.

I had the same problem when i made my spudgun ! the elctrodes i used for the piezo ignitor kept breaking so li used a spark plug . i used a old motorcycle ignition coil ..

There is a gasoline powered spudgun on this website which uses the same system i think find that and youll get your answer