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How do i spam, report or ban someone? Answered

A certain person called me the "stupidest person on the earth" and i think that is offensive.



Best Answer 8 years ago

If the comment was made in a comment or PM, you can use the "flag" button to the right of the message.

If you have deleted the message, you can still send a PM to one of the site admins (see the "About" link at the bottom of any page).

In addition, check this Instructable - any of the people named in it will be happy to help via PM.

By the way, who was it?

Personally (now I've stopped laughing) I find that to be one of the stupidest user names I've seen... L

Indeed. Not to make fun of NYPA, but I'm envisioning being hated on by the yellow hippo. Tee Hee....

Ha, he got your name wrong?
It's not a personal thing, I must have been joking (2 years+ ago)


ya but i did call him dumb because his knex thing was labeled strong and powerful it really didnt look like it

Listen son, sometimes you jsut have to ignore what others say. IF this person continues to say offensive things, or if he or she gets uglier, then do as the others here said to do...but for now, the most sensible thing is just to stop talking to the person and realize that they're the dumb one.

Flag them.