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How do i start a contest? Answered

how do i start a contest on instructables


Two options:

1.) To start a "formal" contest, like the ones featured on this site, contact the advertising department. Their info and email address can be found here: https://www.instructables.com/advertise/

2.) If you're interested in starting an "informal" contest, go to the forums (Community) and post details there. See this one as an example:

Option 1 is going to get your contest the most publicity. I also suspect that it's not free when you pursue option one. That said, with option 2 I personally would be a little leery about entering a contest posted by some random user on the forums. You never know if they will abide by the rules they set or even distribute the prizes as promised in the end.

Seconded, Option 2's style of prize is typically a DIY patch

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A contest can only be started by an Instructable's admin.

You can however Submit a Forum Topic with your contest, stating the rules, topic and what ever else and if you're a pro account then you can send patches as a reward.

If you don't feel like becoming a pro then you can just say something like "I'll send you a cookie. The one I just ate." and if people are still interested then they'll still make something. This way it sounds like you're giving something even though every one knows you're not.

Last option would be go to some one like randofo, ewilhelm or gmjhowe, pm them and propose your idea. If they feel that it's a good idea they might make a real competition!

LOL Thanks for the prize idea I want to start a contest for building a better book kind of a survival book and I’m not sure what category it should be in. Where do you think I should put it?