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How do i stop my dog from neurotic barking? She barks at everything and nothing.? Answered



The anti barking dog cd works the best. I still use it after all of these years when the dogs start to get out of hand! You can get it at http://antibarkingdevice.com

Once you train the dog in a couple of days, you dont need it for a while. Great product and works fast.


I have been having a problem with my neighbors lately and it seems like they are letting their dogs bark on purpose. I thought that there was nothing that I could do since they were not my dogs but apparently I was wrong.

There were a few products that I tried but none seemed to work until I bought The Barking Dog CD. It really works and it is so easy to use. To say that I was impressed is an understatement.

You can check it out for yourself at http://www.antibarkingdevice.com if you want to try it.

This might sound crazy to you but it worked for me. Try teaching your dog how to bark on command. When he obeys you, praise him with a lot of love and treats. Now that he knows when to bark, you can correct hem when barks without permissions or when not wanted. Every time he barks when you don’t want him to, simply correct him vocally and with your body language, only once. Ignore him no matter what after that. Make sure you put across the fact that his crazy barking is not going to get him your attention and slow he will stop. Hopefully, with consistency it will work. This is Angel, my dog who had this same issue.


You could buy or make a "Bark Breaker". This is an ultrasonic siren controlled by a microphone. The sound of the barking starts the ultrasound, which punishes the dog for a minute and then stops. The sound can't be heard by the neighbors, so they are not bothered. ~Bob~