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How do i take apart a sony ps3 move charging station? Answered



Remove any screws holding it together
Find a seam, gently pry it apart looking for internal catches...



want to add 2 mini usbs for wireless chargers so i dont have to plug them into ps3 and i have a full charging station.

I'd be careful about that - 4 combined without the proper current limiting may damage the ps3 ports by drawing too much power.

If anything I'd put a powered usb hub inside it, and use THOSE ports to charge from - the charging station will then need to be plugged into a wall socket, but you'll always be charged!

i was thinking about putting a toggle switch cause ill only be charging the move or the wireless controllers. but that is a good idea.

Hit it with a hammer and flathead screwdriver, that always works for me (as long as I don't care about putting the shell back on :P )